House Mountain Yarn Co.

The yarn connects us


House Mountain is an iconic feature in Lexington and Rockbridge County, Virginia. It's made up of two peaks--Little House Mountain and Big House Mountain. Local artists paint, draw, and photograph House Mountain, and regional art galleries display their works. If you've lived around here for any length of time, you are able to recognize the landmark's iconic and graceful silhouette.

Four years ago, Erin Hutchinson opened The Stitchin' Post in downtown Lexington, Virginia. Her shop has been a place to enjoy yarn, to meet fellow knitters and crocheters, and learn new skills--a community gathering place. Like House Mountain, Erin's yarn shop has become a part of the local landscape.

We've named our yarn shop House Mountain Yarn Co. to honor communities: the communities of Lexington and Rockbridge County, Virginia, where we're fortunate to live and work, and more importantly, the community of knitters and crocheters who had the good fortune to come together at Erin Hutchinson's Stitchin' Post--a community that we hope will find a new and welcoming home at House Mountain Yarn Co.



House Mountain Yarn Co. 117 South Main Street Lexington, VA 24450 Phone: (540) 462-2931